Global Aesthetics Group is a consulting agency that manages all aspects of the cosmeceuticals and aesthetics industry.  From developing and managing outside sales teams, to coaching and growing aesthetics practices and providing world-class education, Global Aesthetics Group has a solution for you.

Global Aesthetics Group was developed by a team of people who have built very successful aesthetics businesses from the ground up, in the USA and abroad, being forced to succeed within very intricate and unique market conditions.  We started with many of the same barriers that you may have already encountered in your journey and have found unique, cost-effective ways around them.

The Global Aesthetics Group team of experts wants to share their experiences, learnings, knowledge, and stories with you so that you can save time and resources as you go.  We work very closely with the top physicians, medi-spas, spas, skincare companies, and social media/PR firms in the world to bring you knowledge, tools, and solutions that work.  

Our areas of expertise are: business development, sales team development and management, new product development and launchesaesthetics practice management, staff engagement and education, and excellence in cosmeceuticals retail.